Your Health Data, Simplified

We've all been there - stacks of medical papers, scattered records, and the hassle of navigating through a maze of health data.

Data that tells a story about your health. That’s why we built Jonda the app, to make managing your health easier. Whether you're an individual, doing research in a life sciences company, managing a patient organization, or an employer aiming to benefit your employees, Jonda is here to help.

How it works

Effortless Organization

Simply upload your medical documents, scans, and records. Jonda automatically categorizes and organizes everything, making your health data instantly accessible.

Quick and Easy Access

No more sifting through piles of papers. Retrieve any record in seconds thanks to Jonda’s smart search.

Health Timeline

Track changes in your blood biomarkers, uncover patterns and see how you’re doing health wise over time.

Share Securely

Sharing with a doctor or specialist? With Jonda, it's secure and just a click away.

Why Jonda?

Powered by JondaX

At the heart of Jonda is JondaX, our data transformation engine, that helps make data usable

Absolute Privacy

Your data's safety is our top priority. With zero-knowledge encryption, only you have access to your information.

User-Centric Design

Jonda is designed with you at its core. Every feature, every interface, is crafted for ease and intuitiveness, to create a seamless experience

Say goodbye to mountains of health records